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Hi I am Rebecca and I am the owner of Love Lily Upholstery. The name Love Lily was inspired by my Nana Lily, growing up during the war years in a family that had very little. She developed the skills to turn nothing into something amazing. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my Nana, she encouraged my creativity with her ability to mend, fix, re-purpose, make beautiful and create absolutely anything.


I have always had an interest in colour, textiles, art and design. But my love of upholstery was sparked whilst I was living in New Zealand. I was given a pair of Art Deco armchairs, that were otherwise destined for the dump. We commissioned an Upholstered to reupholster them and they were transformed into two of my most loved pieces of furniture. I then bought a chair that I thought I could probably upholstery myself, thankfully I realised before I began to reupholster this that upholstery was probably a lot more skilled than I first imagined!


On our return to the UK (with the chairs) I signed myself up for a Contemporary Footstool Course at the Ministry of Upholstery. I absolutely loved the course and was totally addicted to upholstery. I signed myself up for the Business Course in Modern Upholstery. I graduated from the Ministry in August 2018, I found myself a workshop in Mapplewell after some repairing and painting we are now up and running.


I have a passion for colour particularly ones that are inspired by nature. I love to work with Customers to create a piece of furniture that not only turns their vision into a reality but is also functional and beautiful. I also love to rescue chairs that would otherwise be lost to the tip and restore them to their former glory.


Sadly in 2014 my Nana passed away, through Love Lily Upholstery I not only hope to keep her name alive, but also her belief that things that have lost their shine can become loved again.


Mon - Fri   9 am - 5 pm

Please contact us  to arrange a consultation at your home or at the workshop.


Unit 1, Courtyard 1, Maple Centre,

Wentworth Road


Barnsley S756DT


Tel: 07586975163