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Exciting Times Ahead!

2018 was definitely a year of change and new beginnings. 2019 though will hopefully be the year of growth for Love Lily Upholstery, becoming bigger and better at what we do.

One project that I am immediately excited about is a Parker Knoll set that I picked up at the end of last year.

The much loved Parker Knoll collection
The much loved Parker Knoll collection

Fredrick Parker began his furniture empire in a workshop in London in 1869. Fredrick made furniture that was commissioned for Ocean Liners, The Royal Yacht and a throne for an Emperor.  His aim with all of his furniture  was to design and develop the finest furniture possible.

In 1901 Fredrick began work with his four sons and the company  became Frederick Parker and Sons Ltd. They later began to work with Willi Knoll and in 1931 evolved into Parker Knoll. Together they began to produce  a new type of sprung furniture which at the time had never been seen. The springs that they began to use were all about furniture being more comfortable. Which then went on to set new standards in the industry. 

During the second world war Parker Knoll became involved in manufacturing aircraft, making wings for the de Havilland Mosquito.  After the war ended they reverted back to their passion for furniture.

From the 1960's Parker Knoll also began to produce recliner chairs. One of these was the Parker Knoll Statesman (one of my personal favourites) these chairs were and are still are very desirable.

Anyway being a self confessed Ercol fan and having a love of all things Mid Century. I can often be found trawling for gems on the internet and in second hand shops. During one of these research missions I noticed a pair of Parker Knoll armchairs on Ebay.

I immediately fell in love with the beautiful wooden frames and the shape of the legs. Seeing that they had a lot of potential when reupholstered I added them to my watched list and not wanting to miss out checked them every day. The big day arrived and to my amazement I won them!

After arranging to collect them we set off in the van to Sheffield. My Parker Knoll dreams were coming true and I was excited to say the least.

When we arrived we met a lovely family who had owned the chairs from new and had previously had them professionally upholstered. It was obvious that they had been loved and cared for, but a change in family circumstances was forcing a sale.  I was really pleased with the chairs and explained that I would be upholstering them. The lady that had sold them said that she also had another armchair and two seater sofa that she had not had a chance to list yet, if I would like to take a look.  To say it was love at first sight was a bit of an understatement! Immediately recognising the look on my face, my husband knew he was in trouble ( he was the one that would have to perform chair Jenga to get them in the van). I was stunned that I had happened upon some amazing pieces of Mid Century furniture and quickly said yes before they changed their minds. 

Each Parker Knoll is stamped with a serial number to identify the model.
Each Parker Knoll is stamped with a serial number to identify the model.

After what can only be described as juggling genius, to get everything into the van we set off back to Love Lily HQ in Barnsley. It's fair to say that when we returned I was in a state of upholstery heaven with dreams of beautifully coloured wools and opulent velvets.

I haven't decided on how they will eventually look yet and desperately wish that they were coming home with me, but I am excited to start work and see the finished product.

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