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Apart from upholstery I have been spending the last few weeks getting out and about. I joined a Facebook group called Barnsley Enterprising Women, which has been created to support women in business in Barnsley. Though this group I met a lovely lady called Chrissy, who had a Victorian prayer chair that she wanted to be reupholstered. Prayer chair's or Prie-Dieu date from Victorian times, they usually have a low seat and a tall back, they will also sometimes have a padded upholstered top that is rested on when the person is praying. The chairs will usually have ornate carvings and like Chrissy's they can be upholstered with a beaded tapestry.

 Prayer chair's  or Prie-Dieu date from Victorian times
Victorian Prayer chair Prie-Dieu

Whilst on my travels I went to the Old Chapel in Ardsley, Barnsley. It is packed to the rafters with various treasures and curios. They have everything from coloured glass vases to mid century chairs. Needless to say I left with a dressing table chair and an armchair that I plan to upholstery. Wayne who runs the shop is incredibly helpful and is quick to put the kettle on for visitors.

My other big trip out has been to the Ministry of Upholstery in Manchester, to brush up on some sewing skills. I love being at the Ministry, it was great to catch up with the legends that are my tutors and I managed to pick up lots of top tips.

Ministry of Upholstery, Manchester

One of my favourite things to have left the workshop over the last few weeks has been a miniature rocking chair. The chair was incredibly special to my customer and we have managed to extend It's life so that it can be enjoyed by the next generation of her family. We completely stripped the dark varnish back to it's original colour, then applied a child safe wax blend product. All of the foam was replaced to make it comfortable for little people. It was then covered in the most amazing wool fabric from Abraham Moon fabrics.

Miniature rocking chair reupholstered by Love Lily Upholstery
Miniature rocking chair reupholstered by Love Lily Upholstery

Last week I also met with a Rep from Warwick fabrics, being able to spend time learning about fabrics is an important part of Upholstery, so that I can recommend the right products to customer's . It doesn't hurt when the fabrics are so amazing either, in particular some of the new printed velvets that are being introduced. At Love Lily Upholstery we are pleased to be able to offer customers a wide range of fabrics that suit a range of needs and budgets.

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