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WOW what a year it has been so far

Wow what a year it has been so far! After graduating from the Ministry of Upholstery in August. We found ourselves a workshop based in Barnsley, after some repairing and painting we are now up and running. This has been my dream for a long time and will continually pinch myself now that it is coming together.

The Love Lily Unit before renovations begun.
The Love Lily Unit before renovations begun.

The first job that came into the workshop was a gorgeous chaise, my customer had chosen a beautiful chenille fabric to have the chaise re-covered in. There is a lot of time and love goes into each piece that leaves the workshop and the chaise was no exception. I am happy to say that it is now back home and my customer was overjoyed to have it back.

Chaise re-covered in beautiful chenille fabric
Chaise Lounge by Love Lily Upholstery

Since completing the chaise I have also completed two French Needlepoint chairs. They are both quite different but equally beautiful. Both of the frames were sanded and painted with Fusion Mineral paint. I attended a Fusion Mineral Paint workshop At the Chirpy Store in Leeds with No the store owner and Nicky Cash from Done Up North who is a Pro Upcycler. Feeling inspired by this I mixed the most amazing graphite colour to paint one of the frames. I used Coal Black to achieve a lovely mat black finish on the other frame. The paint has exceeded my expectations and has been great to work with.

French Needlepoint chairs
French Needlepoint chairs by Love Lily Upholstery

Anyway back to the chairs, on the graphite frame I used a fabric by Emma J Shipley at Clarke and Clarke in a pale pink. The design has so much detail it is insane, I have looked it it for hours and still notice new things. The little bees are definitely my favourite part. Cutting into the fabric For the chair felt like cutting holes in my soul.

Fusion Mineral Paint
Fusion Mineral Paint

For the black frame I used a mix of two fabrics. The seat is covered in a grey blue velvet that feels amazing. The inside and outside back have been covered in one of my most favourite fabrics, which is a pansy design by Lorna Syson.

Over the last few weeks I have also been meeting with reps from fabric companies. As a self confessed fabric addict this has been right up my street. I am now pleased to be able to offer my customers fabrics from both Linwood Fabrics and Abraham Moons. The arrival of fabric books has been exciting to say the least!!

What an exciting week it has been this week. Monday was all about quotes and meeting prospective customers which I really enjoyed. The fabric books had their first outing and I have to say they received lots of positive comments.

This week there has been lots of stripping of old frames ready for them to be regional reupholstered. One of these is a gorgeous little rocking chair that holds great sentimental value for my customer. I always find it amazing how chairs become part of our personal histories.

Of all the chairs I own, of which there are many! My favourite by far is my Ercol rocking chair, not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture, but it was owned buy my Nana and Grandad. I was rocked in it as a baby and I now rock my baby in it. I remember sitting in it as a child and it was always part on my Nana's home.

Ercol Rocking Chair
My Nana's and Grandads Ercol Rocking Chair

The second chair on the work table is an armchair that one of my best friends has commissioned. The fabric arrived this week and it was a glorious moment unrolling eight metres of black velvet. The velvet is from the Omega range at Linwood Fabrics. It has such a tactile quality and I could spend many hours stroking it if I had the time!

The velvet is from the Omega range at Linwood Fabrics
Black Velvet from the Omega range at Linwood Fabrics

I can't wait to share these with you, particularly the arm chair which will be very unique like it's new owner.

Love Lily Upholstery hashtag
Painting our #lovelilyupholstery hashtag

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